We <3 Blogging: announcing the winners of the Infectious x WordPress contest

February 2nd, 2021


Dandelion clocks, pixels, animated keys and the evolution of the writing implement. A lot of different artists interpreted their passion for blogging and WordPress in a lot of different ways.

Congratulations to our two winners – Loc Lam and Robert Podgóski!

Honorable mentions also go out to David Groom, Archan Nair, Stacy Pezzola, Ruggero Lancia, Kamille Garcia, Manushi M, Julie Kang and Shadow Chen who also made the judges’ top 10 favorite designs list.

Huge thanks to all the hundreds of you that submitted art and we tip our hats to our judges Matt Mullenweg, Matt Thomas and Derek Powazek for their thoughtful deliberations.

Next Thursday we’ll be announcing our City Series contest winners and shortly after that we have a very special announcement and a new contest to accompany it. We can’t wait to share our news! Stay tuned.

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